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Update on Skull Valley Fire Department dispatch service:


Today (Feb. 15) at 8:00 am the Skull Valley Fire Department first responder dispatching went live with Rural Metro, the same dispatch service provider for all surrounding communities.


What does this mean?


First and foremost, in the event you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.


Your 911 call will go to Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO). The YCSO dispatcher will alert Rural Metro dispatch services, who within one minute, will send a “tone” to the radios of the first responders responsible for the specific service area. In addition, an alert will be sent to all first responder cell phones via the I Am Responding app.


The first responders will rapidly acknowledge the alerts and mobilize.


In an emergency, please do not call a first responder directly.


For non-emergency situations, use the Skull Valley Fire Department number, 928-442-3487.  This number should only be used if you have information, questions, comments, or to notify us if you intend to light burn piles when permitted.


The SVFD and SV community would like to acknowledge and recognize the Skull Valley dispatch team who have volunteered 24/7 since the fire department began in 1988.  The most recent team of dispatchers, led by Denise Dryer, includes:


Jolene Schaffer

Lenora Schaffer

Sarah Wright

Rafael de Grenade


Thank you to the dispatchers, past and present, for your dedicated time to support those experiencing an emergency.


Mark Wood

SVFD President

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